Apple Mac OS X FAQ
Thursday, November 27, 2003
Think someone is hacking you machine?
Think someone is hacking you machine?

Type "last | more" into a console window. This will give you a record
of all the times the machine has been used, which user was using it, and
when it's been started up/rebooted. It's simple enough even for a
layman to understand. Editing where this information comes
(/var/log/wtmp) is hard to do without specialized tools, so it's
unlikely that the information will be incorrect.
Panther Server and PDC
1) set up Server as standalone
2) start DNS (whether you need it or not)
3) reboot
4) promote Open Directory to Master
5) reboot
6) NOW you can turn on Windows services and enable Primary Domain Controller.

Skip one of those reboots or do one thing out of order and it's no go.

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