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Friday, November 07, 2003
Notes About Open Directory 2
Notes About Open Directory 2
1. Setting up DNS incorrectly the first time and then creating a Master will make the Master unusable when trying to authenticate from a client. Correct DNS, make the Server a Standalone server again, reboot. The recreate the Master.
2. Enable home folder automounts in Sharing before creating users in your Master (LDAP) database. Be sure to click on the home folder link before
clicking the Create Home Folder button.
3. Using NFS for the home folder mount does not require that AFP be on. AFP mounting of course requires AFP be on.
4. In the final release rev of Mac OS X Server it does not allow replication unless both servers have different serial numbers. Another note on replication, it will work without DNS on a local subnet via Rendezvous but I doubt if Apple will support it and it defeats the purpose of Replicas far away from the Master. So in order to put this into use, you will need to learn and implement DNS.

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