Apple Mac OS X FAQ
Monday, October 27, 2003
When viewing logs you getting pre-binding errors.
Q. When viewing logs you getting pre-binding errors.

A. It isn't an error, it's a warning the application works fine.

Prebinding is the process of computing at build time the addresses for the symbols imported by libraries and applications, so that less work needs to be performed by the dynamic linker at runtime. Prebinding can improve the user experience by providing a faster launch, and is recommended for all applications.

If a user installs software on a system with a set of libraries that is different than those present when the application was built, the prebinding information cannot be used and application launch is slower. Installer automatically attempts to update prebinding information for the software it installs by running the update_prebinding tool.

Prebinding is only applicable for Mach-O executables.
In addition, there are some circumstances where prebinding information cannot be updated or used.
The man pages for update_prebinding and redo_prebinding.

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