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Tuesday, September 23, 2003
XRAID Cache Options
XRAID Cache Options

Adjusting Drive Cache and Controller Cache

RAID Admin lets you turn on two separate types of cache to enhance performance of your Xserve RAID system.

Drive cache enables the built-in write cache on each drive in the array.
This option improves efficiency and speed of data transfer, but the drive cache is not backed up should the system lose power unless you are using an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Controller cache is a write cache used by the RAID controller. This cache is backed up by the optional Xserve RAID Cache Backup Battery Modules.

To set up drive cache and controller cache:
1 Open RAID Admin and click Settings.
2 Enter the management password and click OK.

It is recommended that you use a UPS when you have drive cache enabled. Without UPS backup, you could lose data in the event of a power failure. Important It is recommended that you have the optional controller cache backup battery modules installed if you use controller cache. Using controller cache with no battery backup could result in data loss if there is a power failure.

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